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Red medium-fruited round tomato of Merlice variety  forms a significant part of the operational program of the greenhouse complex.

Fruits of a rounded flat shape with saturated red color and weight of 120-150 gr are distinguished by excellent quality of storability, thereby this tomato has earned the constant attention of retail chains.

This tomato belongs to grapevine tomatoes, but it goes on sale to the retail chains both on vine and in separate fruits.

Name of variety (hybrid): Merlice F1

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It is one of the biggest grapevine tomatoes available on the Russian market of greenhouse vegetables. On a standard vine - 5 fruits weighing from 160g to 180g.

The hybrid was bred specifically for cultivation with supplementary lighting, therefore, while maintaining the cultivation technology, it gives an excellent harvest: uniform dense red round shaped fruits.

Big red-ripe fruits are tightly attached to the fruit stem; these tolerate transportation well, while retaining an attractive appearance.

In sales outlets, tomatoes are presented on vine.

Name of the variety (hybrid): Maxeza F1