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Modern hi-tech greenhouse complex of protected ground

The greenhouse complex “Voronezhskii” is one of the largest agricultural projects in the field of protected ground vegetable production located in the central chernozemic region of Russia.

The project assumes 3 phases of greenhouse blocks commissioning. The first phase of the greenhouse complex has already been launched. The second and third phases are at various stages of construction. The total area of the greenhouse complex at full production will be 60,47 ha.

The greenhouse facility has a focused specialization and is strictly intended for tomato production.

It is a focused specialization which is one of the strategic advantages of the enterprise. This is underpinned by the following factors:

  • The capability to cultivate up to 12 tomato hybrids of different varieties simultaneously allows the company to adapt to possible fluctuations in market demand quickly, by increasing the production of a particular type of tomato.
  • The capability to test new hybrids constantly. At the enterprise there are greenhouse blocks which are specially intended for breeding, so we can always offer new products to the market.
  • Sustained product quality due to sophisticated and adjusted technology.
  • Large scale production and the greenhouse complex specialization - supply of high quality products in the right amount. This is very important for partners like federal retail chains.
  • For consumers, our production is all about fresh, tasty vegetables all the year round.

Planned indicators of the greenhouse complex after reaching full production

60,47 ha

total area


tonnes of vegetables per annum


New jobs


RUB bn. investment volume

Our partners

Production of the greenhouse complex is primarily intended to meet the needs of residents of Voronezh region and the surrounding areas in high-quality Russian vegetables. To date, we have entered into supply contract with chain stores of the largest federal and regional retail chains of the Voronezh, Lipetsk, and Tambov regions.